King of the River fun race, Sunday 23rd October Cruiser Class

  • A fun race with a difference!
  • Round the 5 buoys in the order of your choice.
  • Start at 10:10 from the Medway Yacht Club Line.
  • Single start for both NHC1 & NHC2 classes.

The King Of The River race will take cruisers into Otterham and Stangate Creeks, and near to the entrances of Queenborough, East Hoo, and Hoo Creeks.

Skippers may set a course to round the marks in any order according to wind and tide conditions, and employing their local knowledge.

So should you make all haste to Queenborough and take the marks on the homeward journey, pushing tide for an hour, or is it better to do the reverse?

Dare you risk cutting the corner into Otterham creek on a falling tide on the way out, or is it better to wait until the tide has turned?

You decide. The winner will be the MYC 2016 King Of the River!

Buoys may be rounded in any order of the skipper’s choosing:
·         Between the North shore and Buoy 23
·         Between the North shore and Bee Ness Buoy
·         Otterham Fairway (to starboard)
·         Red buoy (N 51 24.912 E0 41.667) in Stangate Creek (to starboard)
·         S1 Queenborough (to starboard)

For the avoidance of any doubt, take a close up photo of each buoy to prove you were there!

Enter now – it’s a doddle:

  • Submit a race declaration form by email or post.
  • Submit a race entry form by email or post.
  • Pay your entry fee by bank transfer or include a cheque with your entry form. (All the details you need are on the race entry form.)