Cruiser ClassTrophy Race 4: Results

Thanks to everyone who turned out to enjoy the warm weather on Sunday for the Cooya Bowl and Jade Cup.

Congratulations to our trophy winners, Surfeit (Hunter 707) in Division 1 and Nimbus (Formula 28) in Division 2.

You can find the full results here.IMG_0990

The last of this season’s trophy races is this Sunday (31st July), where you’ll have a chance to compete for the Strood Plate (Divison 1) or Willis Bowl (Division 2).

We’re hoping for yet another warm and sunny day on the water, so do come and join in the fun – all entry details are below.

Enter now – it’s easy

  • Submit a race declaration form by email or post.
  • Submit a race entry form by email or post.
  • Pay your entry fee by bank transfer or include a cheque with your entry form. (All the details you need are on the race entry form.)

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