Montgomery Fun Race 2016 ~ Sat 11 June


Saturday 11th June at 10.00 on the club line.

This event is intended as a fun day out on the water with your sailing friends and fellow club members. The more serious racers will be at the front while the rest of us drink tea, cook breakfast and casually sail the course.


is arranged back at the club late afternoon for our return. I do need to give the galley an idea of numbers, if you’d like to join the BBQ an idea of numbers would be useful by Wednesday evening please!


There is a choice of short and long courses, no paperwork is required for this other than an email confirming your boat name, think of it as more of a spirited cruise in company!

The Montgomery Long Course

  • Line Start 15 S
  • Blackstakes P
  • West Cant P
  • Montgomery P (outside the buoys pictured above…)
  • Blackstakes S
  • 15 P
  • 25 S
  • Club Line

The Montgomery Short Course

  • 15 S
  • Blackstakes P
  • 15 P
  • 25 S
  • Club line

Listen on VHF Ch 37 Call sign ‘Shifter’ for special instructions on the day.