Race Management Training ~ Fri 15 & Sat 16 April

Race Management Training – ideal for OOD’s, line helpers or anybody doing a duty or interested in racing

Are you a member interested in the mystery surrounding what happens in the Race Hut during the racing season?

If you would like enlightenment, there will be race management training for members to be held in the Library on Friday 15th April starting at 20.00 hours and  again on Saturday morning 16th April at 11.00 hours. There will also be an opportunity to look round the race hut and all are welcome.

There will also be a refresher on how to unlock boats and turn fuel on etc. for anybody that feels in need of a re-familiarization with the safety boats they may be helming before the start of the season.

A simple supper will be available from the galley at 7pm on the Friday evening.

Please book via the office: office@medwayyachtclub.com or call 01634 718399

Race Hut Photo