Seaplane operation on the River Medway consultation

Consultation Document on Proposed Seaplane Operations within the Port Authority Area of the Port of Sheerness Ltd.

Peel ports has received a request to operate a seaplane on the Medway and have requested input on the following proposal.  If you have any comments please email
1. Introduction
1.1. Port of Sheerness Ltd, as the Statutory Harbour Authority, is required to regulate and manage all types of operations within the Medway and Swale that comes under their jurisdiction.
1.2. An organisation has made a request to operate a private seaplane within the area.
2. Aerodrome Status
2.1. Port of Sheerness Ltd will not be operating an aerodrome, either licenced or unlicensed, it will be merely designating an area within its jurisdiction that seaplanes may operate from if the aircraft commander deems it safe to do so.
3. Proposal
3.1. It is proposed that one or two areas of the lower Medway (see attached chartlet) be designated as seaplane operations areas.
3.2. Seaplane operations will be prohibited in all other areas of the Medway and Swale.
3.3. All seaplanes intending to operate in the Port of Sheerness Ltd.’s defined seaplane operations area(s) are required to contact Medway VTS prior to departure from their point of origin to obtain permission to proceed.
3.4. Subsequently, the seaplane is to make contact with Medway VTS on marine band VHF Ch74, prior to making an approach, to check radio communications.
3.5. The Duty Officer will agree where the proposed landing is to take place and the direction of approach.  If they are satisfied that there are no exceptional circumstances the Duty Officer will give permission to land ‘When safe to do so’.
3.6. The Duty Officer will make a broadcast to inform other river users of the seaplanes approach.
3.7. A similar procedure will be followed for departure.
3.8. Whilst on the water the seaplane is, and will be treated as, a vessel.
3.9. If the seaplane requires to leave a seaplane operations area (whilst manoeuvring on the water) the seaplane is to inform Medway VTS of its intentions.

Proposed seaplane operation area