Notice of 2015 AGM ~ 5 December 13:00

untitled (4)Saturday 5 December 2015 – 13:00 Clubhouse

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Medway Yacht Club will be held in the Clubhouse, Lower Upnor on Saturday 5 December 2015 at 13:00 hours when the attendance of members is requested.

Full documentation is available for download at the foot of this page.

Mrs Susan Watson
Club Secretary
5 November 2015

Commodores Report

My time as Commodore has flown and it does not seem possible that it’s nearly time to step down.

The last two years have been mixed; running the Club presents some very interesting challenges.

In 2014 the Management Committee produced a Club Development Plan; this plan is being used to highlight the future areas of expenditure and development within the Club; it also helps with budgeting for these items. With a Club the age of ours, it comes as no surprise that we continually have to look at the cost of replacements and repairs to the buildings and grounds.
This year we have been lucky enough to have had assistance from the Sport England by way of a grant; this grant means that some of the costs related to installing gas to our site, have eased the pressure on the MYC budget. Having said that we are investing a substantial sum of money on this whole project to upgrade our hot water and showers but in the long term this will benefit the Club in the future with lower energy bills.

The House budget has been steady this year and once again the Rear Commodore and the House Committee are to be congratulated for keeping the deficit down. During my time as a Flag Officer I have heard many comments about the galley service, good and bad! But I hope you will agree that we have a much greater service than we did 8 years ago and that our Steward and Chef do a fantastic job. I am often told by visiting yacht clubs that they wish they had our view and the level of catering we enjoy, so I think that says it all!

We nearly had to cancel one of our log-standing events this year when we found we had nobody to run Mutiny on the Medway. However Mike Spurgin stepped up and gathered a few helpers together and all was not lost. The young people seemed to have a great week despite the very windy weather conditions.

The Flag Officers joined the Cadets for bowling at the start of Cadet Week; Ross and Amanda Eldred along with a willing group of parents and helpers ran an enjoyable week for all involved. The week culminated with black tie dinner and disco; I have to say I have never seen so many young ladies with so many bruises but no complaints only great memories.

The Keel Boat Regatta was the 10-12th July and what great weather we enjoyed. Sun, wind and the competitors all happy with the courses set by Richard Stone. Thank you to Alex Clarabut (Booth) for doing the results and to Catherine Gore and Colin Weston for all the hours of hard work they put into organising this event. On behalf of the competitors I would like to thank Stuart and Juliet for the use of their boat as a committee vessel and the team for the starts/finishes.

Commodores Day this year was in June; another day we were lucky with the weather. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put me in a Topper (Ms Gore!). After my capsize and having dried off, watching the sail past was great fun. Thanks to everyone who took part or just came along to enjoy the day.

The Marathon took place in September, Claire, Colin Jamieson and I ran the office and helped on the line. Tim Townsend, John Basley and Roger Bishop all assisted with OOD duties and results. Over 40 boats took part – a fantastic turn out.

During the year we were approached a couple of times to use MYC as a location for filming; firstly we took part in a short film about the election and then John Basley and Colin Weston took Penelope Keith afloat for a short piece in her programme Hidden Villages; all in all great PR for our Club.

As my time as Commodore comes to an end I would like to thank our club staff for all their support; I would also like to say a special thank you to Sue, like many Commodores before me she has guided and supported me. You may be aware that Sue will be retiring at the end of December after over 16 years at MYC, on your behalf I would like to wish her a very happy retirement.
Also thank you to Colin and Claire who have been fantastic Flag Officers and great sounding boards!

Being Commodore has been a privilege and I thank you all for your faith and support; however I have to say a big thank you to my family who have done everything from decorating the Club to security stake outs; I could not have done this without them.

Benita Woolley