Welcome to your new website!


home pageAfter literally hours of work, your website team has finally finished the new club website! (Many thanks to Roger Bishop for all his single handed work on the old website)

With this post, I’ll give you a brief tour of its features, and how we hope it’ll work going into the future. You can always get back to the home page from anywhere by simply clicking on the banner picture at the top of any page.

Technically speaking, it’s an article-driven website, similar to BBC news, one of the greatest designed websites in the world. That means it’s made of things called “articles”. An article has a title, some wordy content, and one or more pictures/media. Simple eh? Even better is that anyone (who’s competent and has asked us!) can have permission to post their own articles, whether about a trip to Queenborough or South Africa, a race report, or the history of The Medway. All we ask is that it is of a certain quality, but we’re happy to help you with that if you want.

“The Front Page”

ArticlesThis is the main part of the website – Articles appear here, in date order, and as new articles are published by members, the old ones get shuffled down. Nothing will get deleted, but there’s a limit to how many articles we can have on the front page, so the oldest articles will get moved onto Page 2. (you’ll see that at the bottom.)

I think the idea of the front page is great, as it’s bright and colourful, and hopefully, there’ll always be something new to look at or read. Again, it’s down to us, the members to supply race reports and articles for the front page. If you’re interested, email the team at webmaster@medwayyachtclub.com and we’ll do whatever we can to help you. If you don’t want to write your own article, pester your Class Captain to keep your class at the top of the front page!

Article Categories

CategoriesThis area works in conjunction with the front page articles. It may be that you’re looking for a particular article, and there’s just too many other articles, and you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can look at a particular category, such as Racing news, or Events only.

I hope this feature will come more into its own as more articles fill the front page with time.

The existing categories are those that we decided at design time what would be the most useful and all-encompassing, without having too many different categories.

The Login Box

login boxWe’ll be sending out login details to all members (for whom we have an email address for) in the next couple of weeks.

The login box is so we can limit access to certain club documents that are private, or shouldn’t be read by the general public, such as minutes of meetings, club development plan, or AGM matters.

If you haven’t received your personal login details within a couple of weeks, Let the office know, and it may be that we have the wrong email address for you or something.

When you login for the very first time, (read the instructions in the email you’ll be getting) you can change your password to something easier to remember, as when we set up your password, it’ll be something like “khsbgwlt” which no living human will be able to remember!

If you forget your password, there’s a little link under the login boxes called “Forgot password?” and if you click that, it’ll sort you out. If you’re still stuck or you’ve changed your original email address, talk to us at webmaster@medwayyachtclub.com .

The Menus

MenusThis was one of the harder tasks for The Web Team, as we had to consider all the possible pages that need to be accessible to members (currently 67!) and place them in some sort of structure that would be easiest for a visitor to find the information that they’re looking for.

It may be that as people use it, we’ll discover methods or pages that could be in a more obvious place, or extremely popular pages that need to be put somewhere more prominent, but I doubt it’ll change radically every other week or anything like that. If you’re looking for something that you just can’t find, then please let us know.

The Calendar

EventsThis is one of my favourite features.

The calendar will contain all the club events in a really easy to view style, with colour categories for the following:

  • Club Event (purple)
  • Cruising (Red)
  • External (Grey)
  • Galley (Green)
  • Library (Blue)
  • Racing (Orange)
  • Training (Yellow)

If you want your event put into the calendar, please email the office with the following details.

  • Event Title
  • Event Description
  • Event Date
  • Start Time
  • Finish Date
  • Finish time
  • Event organiser – Who or what class is organising the event, or it can be MYC Office if appropriate.
  • Event Category – What colour code should your event have (see above)

Please bear in mind, it’s not fair to expect the office to do all the research for your event, so if you don’t give the required information, they may return your request, asking for more info! If you have a large number of events you’d like to add, contact the office in advance, and they can give you a spreadsheet template that will make your life a lot easier!

Want to write your own article?

If you’d like to contribute to our website by writing an article, please get in touch, webmaster@medwayyachtclub.com – we’ll do everything we can to help you. This is your website, and it’s primary design is to allow the club to communicate to its members.

It’s very easy to write an article, and if you can use Word or any other word processor, it’ll be completely straightforward.