Recycling at MYC

As part of MYC’s commitment to the environment we recycle our rubbish.  Recycling has the added benefit of reducing our waste removal costs which carries forward into subscription rates.  Will all members please follow the following guidelines when placing rubbish in the various bins.

In particular do not put mixed waste in the recycling bins at the top of the pontoon.

Yes please

No thanks

Mixed Recycling Bin

Plastic bottles, polythene and shrink wrap Unwashed cans and ready meal or takeaway food containers
Paper (clean & dry only) Heavy soiled food wrappings
Tins & cans Food waste
Clean waxed paper e.g. juice and milk cartons, washing powder and detergent cartons Bottles or jars (please use glass bin)
Clean mixed plastics e.g. yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays Pane glass, light bulbs of fluorecent tunes
Flattened cardboard Black bags

Glass Bin

Bottles, jars and all glass Anything that is not glass

Food Waste Bin

All types of food waste Anything that is not food waste

General Waste Bin

All other waste