Montgomery Fun Race

Saturday 8th August -10:30 am start at the Club Line.

IMG_0958The annual round the Montgomery fun race is this coming Saturday. The event is ideal for cruiser owners who don’t usually race their craft, as there is more fun than racing.

There is a choice of easy courses for those not wanting to make a trip into the estuary or those owning smaller boats.

Longer Race

  • 10.30 start on club line
  • Blackstakes to port
  • IMG_0957Montgomery to port
  • Queenborough Spit to starboard
  • Finish between the Concrete lighter and all tide landing

Shorter Race

  • 10.30 start on club line
  • Blackstakes to port
  • South Kent to starboard
  • Queenborough Spit to Starboard
  • Finish between the concrete lighter and the all tide landing.

Blackstakes is a yellow can on the south shore past the entrance to Stangate Creek. It helps keep the racing boys away from the LPG terminal and upsetting the harbour master etc…!

IMG_0975Look at what you can win – The Montgomery Trophy.

I’ve booked the concrete lighter on our behalf and can also book moorings if required.

There is a BBQ arranged ashore late afternoon at the Old House at Home, the first pub you find at the end of the pontoon.


An idea of numbers would be most helpful in advance please. You are of course welcome to play it by ear on the day and join in but letting me know via email by Wednesday evening would be sensible if you want this to run like clock work.

Look forward to seeing you there!

David Boakes

On behalf of MYC Cruiser Class